SEC 3 URE GO! p .css-button-grey:hover, .css-button-grey.pinkit:hover {border-color: #EC64A3;background-color: #EC64A3;color: #fff;} Some facilities and other HCIR / Vendor Reps may still know us as Reptrax. Added protection and safety while in any part of our facility, The ability to electronically store all necessary credentials you need to access our procedure rooms, Email notifications ofany credentials that are set to expire, Tracking ofsales calls and activity in all participating hospitals. Allows quick access to facilities for credentialed vendor staff. Move faster with templates, integrations, and more. Vendor credentialing is especially important in healthcare, as medical facilities must ensure their vendors have the proper training, certifications, immunizations, and other requirements to work on site or to be near patients. Leading vendor credentialing organizations include ProTech Compliance, RegComp Inc., GHX, IntelliCentrics (formerly RepTrax), Vendormate, and Symplr. We have updated our SEC3URE Privacy Policy. , . Facilities: which demo are you interested in? Get actionable news, articles, reports, and release notes. SECURE Link Add-on Services About IntelliCentrics Read the guide now Communication Toolkit for Supplier Reps @media only screen and (max-width: 1024px) { .purple .cta-image-wrapper:before{background-image:url(;} This portability of compliance gives you the advantage to outperform your competition. Regents of the University of California. Salt Lake City, Utah Vendor credentialing systems reduce the risk of miscommunication between different facility departments when dealing with vendors. Credentialing lowers the risk of Commercial Multiple Peril liability by preventing the location of care from hiring or doing business with excluded individuals. Intellicentrics BadgeID Symplr BadgeID Membership Fees - REPSCRUBS Pricing Additionally, the facility can only ask for information that is relevant for the vendors access to the facility. Employees can find additional information about Reptrax here (staff . Mar. SEC3URE Ethos Resources - IntelliCentrics Resources For Facilities COVID-19 vaccine credential Read more Using trust to transform healthcare Read more Vendor compliance with the SECURE Ethos Read more Contactless check-in with visible compliance Read more Scheduling healthcare individuals you trust Read more It ensures the safety of all constituents of the healthcare community and the quality of care. Here are a few resources about SECURE GO!, our digital badge, to help our subscribers experience fast entry into facilities, contactless check-in with SECURE mobile app, and visible compliance without having to print a paper badge. Medical Director, Infection Prevention and Clinical Epidemiology IntelliCentrics, Inc. is a subsidiary of Dallas-based USA deView Inc, which designs, engineers and manufactures both digital and analog IP technologies that are essential to video surveillance systems. Most healthcare facilities use a third-party provider, called a vendor credentialing service or vendor credentialing organization, to establish which credentials vendors that need and to check compliance. Attachment 5 (DOCX) - Statement of Work. Those benefits include the following: Online, anytime access to vendor credentialing documents, Vendors are charged only when they need access to certain facilities, Access to a document repository storing all documentation, Mobile access to credentialing apps (for easier access for vendors), Simpler universal credentialing to speed up approvals, Hospitals can know which vendors are on-site at any time, Controlled and limited cost of credentialing for hospitals. Find answers, learn best practices, or ask a question. .home_cs2 .cta-container {width: 100%;} To learn more, click here. Compliance requirements guide where vendors should concentrate sales and marketing efforts. We have updated our SEC3URE Privacy Policy. Store your credit card Fines for lack of vendor compliance, for instance, directly impact community trust in a hospital. 4:20-cv-448-SDJ, 2021 WL 1196271 (E.D. IntelliCentrics' long-term commitment to serving its customers is demonstrated by substantial and continued investment in system technology, staff and efficiencies for hospitals and vendors. Credentialing requirements influence which training or certifications to offer to sales reps. Credentialing systems allow vendors to meet entry requirements to different locations of care. For assistance in registering see Job Aid below. IntelliCentrics, Inc. Apr 15, 2011, 12:51 ET. 2023. This site serves cookies in order to optimize your site experience. This procurement is focused on oncology infusion; therefore, proposals should be tailored in scope and total cost to include only your firms oncology infusion pathways capabilities and solution(s). The IntelliCentrics SEC3URE Radiation Safety Program closes this critical safety gap with training and automated dosimeter monitoring so you remain up-to-date and informed with quarterly occupational exposure levels. .procurement .cta-image-wrapper:before{background-image:url(;} Vendor credentialing via SECURE Ethos means all vendor representatives registered in the platform are vetted and cleared to enter your facility. Credentialing streamlines supply chains, allowing healthcare facilities to respond quickly to supply interruptions by accessing pre-credentialed backup vendors. .interior-page .flex-wrapper .flex-content, .interior-page .flex-wrapper .flex-image {width: 100%;text-align: left;} Better positioned to be of service to the community. Attachment 6 (XLSX) - Questionnaire and . .interior-page .home_cs2 .cta-background .cta-title:after{content:'';height:1px;width: 110px;display:block;margin:0 auto;background-color:#fff;} Your representatives trusted status with their facilities is protected. Facility Index; New to IntelliCentrics; SEC 3 URE Base Membership; Your vendors or suppliers may only require a SEC 3 URE Base membership IntelliCentrics works with healthcare facilities to create fair and reasonable credentialing requirements based on the different supplier vendor roles conducting onsite services. IntelliCentrics has a concierge service dedicated to helping its corporate customers. A couple of decades ago, hospitals were fairly relaxed about allowing non-employees to access their facilities and even their patient files, which sometimes sat out in the open in public areas. You consent to our cookies by continuing to use our site. We accelerate revenue activation by credentialing doctors and nurses in weeks instead of months. Organize, manage, and review content production. To get you started, the IntelliCentrics Implementation Team will set facility best practices; we call this the SEC 3 URE Standards. Project Summary: UC San Diego Health is publicly soliciting proposals from qualified suppliers of Oncology Clinical Pathways (OCP). 101. IntelliCentrics' digital platform is your single source of truth for healthcare credentialing, delivering greater operational efficiencies, faster revenue growth, and the highest level of compliance. Failure to meet regulatory standards can hurt patient health outcomes, negatively impacting a location of cares reputation, legal standing, and financial standing. No Standard Credentialing Fee: There is no uniform fee that credentialing services charge to vendors to submit their required info. However, whether or not a vendor interacts directly with patients or patient data has no bearing on their status as a vendor. Sign-in policies that did exist were sporadically enforced. Difficulty in Getting Quick Access: Representatives of medical technology companies may require quick access to a facility if a physician needs support using their product in an emergency. If you require further information and/or do not wish to have cookies place when using the site, visit our, The CMS Vaccine Mandate: Ready for Audits, IntelliCentrics Innovations Help Drive Advanced Dallas Hospital & Clinics Mission of Delivering Leading Edge Medicine and Personalized Patient Care. Vendor credentialing organizations must meet the requirements or standards of a number of groups or otherwise face the consequences. Vendor compliance made easy, digital, and portable with SECURE Ethos when we offer: This site serves cookies in order to optimize your site experience. As part of the SECURE Ethos community, your SECURE Passport allows you to visit and work across 10,000 healthcare facilities using the Ethos platform, without having to be recredentialed. (updated August 17, 2021). Deliver results faster with Smartsheet Gov. You post your access requirements; SEC 3 URE communicates, monitors, and enforces supplier vendor rep compliance. A: No. Attachment 1 (DOCX) - Professional Services Agreement. 84132. Let us take care of your credentialing needs! It also enables real-time communications with them. Reps with gaps in their credentials will be notified instantly and supported to restore compliance so they are cleared to do business with their facilities. All Rights Reserved Smartsheet Inc. .home_cs2 .cta-container--inner{height: 480px;} Get expert coaching, deep technical support and guidance. They are considered employees by regulatory agencies. Access eLearning, Instructor-led training, and certification. Intellicentrics offers a fully digitalized vendor credentialing program that maintains an up-to-date database of all vendors who visit your location of care, alerting you to any compliance issues and ensuring that every vendor who enters your facility has the right to be there. To learn more, click here. Stay up to date on industry happenings and key topics in the healthcare industry. These organizations require vendors to provide information and register with them. RFP#NS-2022-0513: Oncology Clinical Pathways, Proposal Due Date: Friday, May 27, by 4 p.m. PST. All vendor credentialing must be documented, securely stored, and easily accessed. You have 100% visibility and control over which supplier vendor reps are onsite and when. Before you visit: If vendor representative will not be registered with IntelliCentrics, please work with the onsite business owner to ensure vendor rep meets local policy and credential requirements. .home_cs2 .cta-wrapper h4{color:#fff;margin: 0 auto 10px;font-size: 20px;} People and organizations are placed on an exclusion list if they have been found guilty of Medicare or Medicaid fraud or have had convictions, license suspensions, or other sanctions relating to inappropriate practice of healthcare. UC San Diego Healthis required to maintain specific credentials for all healthcare industry representatives who areseeking access to our facilitiesor who are observing or participating in procedures.

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