But I'm going to I'm just going to end a second I said, it. Caroline Cory is the founder of The Omnium Method of Consciousness Education. So if you are open to the conversation with me, then you're open, you're open to my energy altogether. Producer and host Caroline Cory, who has her own extensive history with the supernatural, takes the viewers on an extraordinary journey to uncover whether these seemingly independent yet parallel reports may actually be scientific evidence of a greater phenomenon at work. I feel like nobody loves me, for example, whatever. 'I am also so aware and understand that this may not always be possible for many couples due to pain, fear, anger disputes and loneliness. And eventually I started working with scientists. And it just, it just explained that opened up our business and, and when it just took off from there, and I've never seen, I've never looked back. But guess what I see like, where they're going. Fast forward 20 years, you're and you're, you know, you're a teenager, you've convinced yourself, you're not good enough. In addition to writing and producing, Cory continues to lecture and coach internationally on various mind-over-matter subjects and appears regularly as a guest expert on supernatural phenomena at major conferences and television shows, including such popular series as The UnXplained with William Shatner and History Channels Ancient Aliens. Tags: mini size Cavalier King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Cavapoo Alpha Kentucky dog puppy family pet non shedding hypo . And I want to talk to Bruce, on the show. This pure white light has the ability to flush out anything that you've accumulated on that day, that it has a very low vibration that's not aligned with you. It's INFINITY itself from infinity, then life gets created. But their energy is so toxic to me, that I just I can barely be around them. Setting out to document UFOs and UAP date with highly sensitive scientific instruments, Caroline's research team documented the first case of a wormhole or portal opening with a UFO flying out of it. And from that, you're going to have your higher self, you're going to have your physical body. If that's if that's the belief system? So in other words, like, if there's a, you know, a terrorist attack, or a World War or something like that, the most things have been put in motion that it is likely that this is going to happen, because there's so much that happened, if we're in a world event, let's say like a World War Two, there was too many, too many things moving that that was it's gonna happen. And so you know, my parents were just kind of messing around with the preparations for whatever the holidays and things. And that's how I got into the field of consciousness for 20 years, and asking these questions and going deep into how can I make this happen again, consciously. So I mean, very, very valuable tools. And I was thinking, What do you like, Who do I ask? So of course, I can see this energy, I can tell you what's going on. To the age, I don't know, 34, or whatever, you know, whatever, to believe, and to be convinced that I'm a failure? I could go there, sort of set it on fire and watch it burn. Reels. So it's all your staff. I would recommend this inspirational and supportive book to anyone going through the difficult transition of separation or divorce'. And so when you come in contact with this person, even though they could be saying, Oh, I missed you, I love you, but you can feel because you also have an energy. And you're just like, who and you're like literally being lifted off the ground by the energy. 12:25 pm, Incredibly well done! Do what what Caroline just said and start to release a lot of these programs because you're there because of your programming. She could experience and understand more deeply the cosmic roadmap and the structure of consciousness, the multi-dimensional configuration of the human body and mind as well as the construct of earthly reality. How many times have? So I started working with scientists to validate this work. Please visit: www.omniummedia.com, Arthur England Caroline Cory was born in the Year of the Ox. And this perfect vibration, and this alignment, your brain channels are perfectly aligned. Caroline Cory is a futurist, a visionary author and the founder of the OMnium Method. It's about you. And I was then brought into a near death experience. As a child and throughout her life, Cory has had numerous UFO encounters as well asE.S.P (extra-sensory) and pre-cognition experiences, which led her to become deeply connected to existential topics, the study of consciousness, and the mechanics of the universe. 735 posts. Yeah. Caroline Cory is the best-selling author of books on Consciousness and Energy Medicine, topping the charts of Consciousness Science and mystical literature. Well, one life, and literally, it's called a life. So consciousness is, like infinity, it's, it just is. And it's also not just you have to do the work you have. Caroline Cory 4.75 4 ratings0 reviews "The Divine Plan: Now and Beyond 2250" explains the imminent, inevitable and necessary emergence of a new era on Earth that is orchestrated and supported by the Divine Order. So you are this one unit of consciousness. That's it. It's not about that. 285K followers. So what is the difference? 213 talking about this. CNN Rory McIlroy and wife Erica Stoll welcomed a baby girl into the world on Monday. Alex Ferrari 0:24 I'd like to welcome to the show Caroline Cory. And so and I know I'm one of them, many people who can do that. Another of the powerful Chinese Zodiac signs, the Ox is steadfast, solid, a goal-oriented leader, detail-oriented, hard-working, stubborn, serious and introverted but can feel lonely and insecure. Through a series of groundbreaking on-camera experiments on human DNA, and interviews with leading scientists, viewers will find themselves pondering the nature of their own reality or yet the true origin of the human species. In her groundbreaking documentary film, Gods Among Us The Science of Contact, Caroline illustrates with fascinating narrative, first-person accounts, and interviews with some of the top researchers in the field that non human intelligence has and continues to play an integral role in the lives of many. I just wanted to also reach I always go back to that experience, because when I was five, as I was saying that I saw the subtle energy, and what is the subtle energy it's actually information meaning when I said I would see the structure of space between me and you, like I would see how it was made the geometry or whatever, but it was information. It is extreme, because it's so it's it sitting on your shoulder all the time, and you don't even know it's there. We're talking about them. And before what you did what you said, you said God helped me or, you know. But the good news is, if you did that to yourself, then you can do it to yourself again. As a child and throughout her life, Cory has had numerous otherworldly experiences, which led her to become deeply connected to spirituality, the study of Consciousness and the mechanics of the universe. Like, I haven't done anything like, you know, I'm innocent. We always have free choice, but the chances of me walking along the street, and then I'm gonna go burn that tree down. It's and we're not you know, how you remember, like the whole 2012 thing where, you know, are we going to make it we're not going to make the end those. Alex Ferrari 1:18 Without without question. But you have to trust that where you are heading is being guided by a higher, higher place. So there's always different you know, opportunities for anyone to do anything? And so you are one form one type one way that consciousness expresses itself. Even though Caroline completed graduate studies in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy, most of her knowledge and deeper awareness came about through direct experience, which she talks about in her books and courses. Based on the jaw-dropping contact accounts of individuals from around the world, AMONG US explores the suspicious phenomenon of non-human presence on Earth, from angels to ETs, and unveils the many ways they may be interacting, communicating and transferring subliminal information into our consciousness and potentially our DNA. Alex Ferrari 4:45 So can you tell the audience in your own words, what do you what are you doing? Carolines vision extends into the area of media and entertainment. How, what's the mechanics of all of this? And so but that path, and that trajectory has already been set. These are large, large, massive questions that could we could talk about forever but I really appreciate you coming on the show. You know, I'm not going to kick the dog that sitting they're probably just going to pet him and move along. So I love it. Alex Ferrari 1:08:50 That's the definition of God. In addition to writing and producing, Cory continues to lecture and coach internationally on various mind over matter subjects and appears regularly as a guest expert on supernatural phenomena at major conferences and television shows including History Channels popular series Ancient Aliens. You're you're already past, you know, you're already part of the one aspect of consciousness. Donald Savidge In the beginning, I thought, oh, you know, all kids do that. It's always moving, that energy was there, and you can literally feel it. As a child and throughout her life, Cory has had numerous E.S.P (extra-sensory) and "paranormal" experiences, which led her to become deeply connected to spirituality, the study of consciousness, existential topics and the mechanics of the universe. And so because of that, you have some sort of goal, you have a contract, you said, I'm going to go down, and I'm going to help people awaken. So think about that. So we walked down, we walked down and don't turn that corner because there's a monster there. UFOlogy, Disclosure, and Why Were Barking Up the WRONG Tree! Because technically, technically, I'm supposed to meet the person or whatever, what latent in my life, for example. The singer rose to fame with her platinum single Every Little Thing in 2017. <p><img src="https://static2.businessinsider.com/image/60513bbefe6a340019acf03c-2000/cannabis.jpg" border="0" alt="cannabis legalization" data-mce-source="Photo by . When you were five years old, there was an event, a little something, something that happened at that time in your life kind of started you on this path. So your free will. Is there a needle ahead of us? So you can think about, you can visualize a bright white light that's kind of pure like a shower, you're taking a shower, but it's energetic. Alex Ferrari 10:51 I think, if there was if there's a before and after, which then you hurt, your head starts to hurt a little bit. And so that's another momentum that's also being created. So if you go down this on this road, you're probably not going to achieve what you said you're going to achieve. Ask all my guests. So if you don't want anybody just spy on you, but so this isn't about spying on your boyfriend to see if he's faithful, you know. I feel like I've known you for a million years. Caroline Cory 19:19 Yeah, and I see a lot I work with a lot of people because I can communicate, you know, who are in a coma. And so there is no time there is no time space, there is no forward and back, it's just, it just is. FREE Gaia Trial: Discover Gaias Thought-Provoking Movies and Inspirational Documentaries. They go like what's in this door, I'm gonna go check it out, you walk in, you killed by the monster, shoot, start again, walk down that same path. Alex Ferrari 12:11 I told you, we're gonna go deep. Thanks for your comment. In addition to writing and producing, Cory continues to lecture and coach internationally on various mind over matter subjects and appears regularly as a guest expert on supernatural phenomena at major conferences and television shows including such as A\u0026E's popular series The UnXplained with William Shatner and History Channel's the Ancient Aliens.#SUPERHUMAN\"Superhuman\" is a provocative award-winning documentary that provides tangible evidence for the powers of the human mind over matter. You didn't come in thinking you're a failure. It was just, it literally is a city that never sleeps. So I'm going to go out in school and I'm going to create another experience that proves to me that I'm not good enough. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. And you run into people like that. Like yourself, I love it. Alien Abductions, Missing Time & The Reality Shifters | Barbara Lamb, UFO Shoot Down Flap! Hello, we're talking about, you know, certain cities, certain areas, you know, you go in, you are a basically a radio broadcaster and a receiver. I got to work. And, of course, I'm five years old, right? ET Contact vs. Caroline Cory 1:09:09 Being who you really are. That's just everybody else who lives there. So so the idea is, on which timeline, are you? And then if you don't, we're gonna, we're just gonna stay and we're gonna have to redo this all over again. In school, it's like the grades and what you're going to be and how you're going to blah, blah, blah. But what I wanted to do is bring that scientific angle to bring measurable validation, you know, we hear about your mind affects your reality, affects your body, your stress level, meditation is good for you. And it's going to trigger that response, like, no, no, keep walking, don't burn down that tree, don't take that drug, don't go down this road, whatever. It goes, it stays within you. And I wasn't particularly spiritual at that point. Because there was so much validation, whatever I was teaching, whatever we were doing would actually happen would manifest. "You can be alone in nature and still networking" - Gil Petersil Gil Petersil is a global leader in the world of "To manifest miracles, release yourself from identity. Caroline Cory is a filmmaker, futurist and the visionary author of best-selling books on Consciousness and Energy Medicine, topping the charts of Consciousness Science and mystical literature. That when you're done, you feel like you got to take shower? But I need help. I'm I surrender. And they have the choice because they weren't so off track. This is why I started the show is to have conversations like this about really deep and fascinating conversation conversations about every aspect of React. You can have it. So my point being, I haven't accumulated enough momentum, to see the final outcome, that clearly I will see a probability a possibility, but I will also because speaking of going off the path, there are so many positive ways that you would go off the path before that one thing would happen, you see. Or you just run into somebody, I have somebody in my, in my extended family, that I, when I meet when i In the rare occasions, I see them every few years. And so you don't know how to process your emotions, you don't understand that your emotions or your guidance system, and so on, so forth. In this blog, we bring information about Caroline Cory just like her Biography, Caroline Cory Husband Name, her Wikipedia, Caroline Cory Age, her Profession, her Networth Income, Etc. And they were my extension, so to speak, like my lineage in non physical form in spirit form. Caroline Cory 51:50 Exactly in what you're saying, also, it's also even you can sense it through zoom. As a child and throughout her life, Cory has had numerous E.S.P (extra-sensory) and pre-cognition experiences, which led her to become . Caroline Cory 1:08:48 Being who you really are. Sharon and Gavin married in the Church of St John, Cratloe back in August 2011, which was followed by a reception in Dromoland Castle Hotel. Check out the latest pictures, photos and images of Caroline Cory. Could I do that? This methodology is based on the principle that learning can also happen through a form of resonance and entrainment - a process by which the brain switches from 10% to a full 100% capacity and absorbs the information in a direct manner. 100 years down the line. And because that energy, again, it's about frequency, you know, you're supposed to be vibrating at 734, Hertz and up. Does that make sense? And that's, and that's very empowering. In Carolines own words:IF WE ARE TO CREATE HEAVEN ON EARTH, THEN THE STARTING POINT MUST BE HEAVEN, NOT EARTH. This means that one can bypass the traditional rote system of learning which is to process information cognitively through reading, repeating and memorizing and acquire the information and knowledge as a direct consciousness and experience. I mean, and this is documented for 1000s of years from different Yogi's and spiritual masters is that basically the opposite end of that. So the minute you put your focus on this outer reality, there's the world of probability, and you say, I want this or I want, whatever, then that interaction triggers a chain of reaction that that is energetic is we're still at a quantum level that eventually precipitates a manifestation in your physical reality. So that, then I go about my day, I know that the response I have for whatever email is the right one, and those that fell away, aren't you see? Carolines encounter with the worlds of Consciousness, Energy Medicine and Spirituality started at the early age of 5 when she spontaneously began to perceive various forms of subtle energy. Spiritual Awakening Is There a Connection? By profession, she is the most popular director and producer. And speaking of that, you know, speaking again, on purposeful to be purposeful, you know, if you have set your intention to be here to for the highest good and to be on higher purpose. After teaching Energy Medicine and Consciousness Studies for over a decade, Cory founded Omnium Media, an entertainment and media platform that tackles thought-provoking topics on the human condition and the nature of reality. Read OMTimes Magazine. In healing, this method raises the cells vibration through resonance, which in turn allows the cellular DNA reprogramming and the healing to occur organically. So you know, quote, unquote, 50 years down the line, there's already probabilities of what's going to happen. Do I take these drugs? So I do what I call energetic. So, you know, again, aligning with always, every morning, it's so easy.

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