As a teenager I loved photography. One day, I captured a picture of my father’s favorite whisky, and that gave me the idea to paint it for his birthday. My first whisky painting was a 25-year-old Lagavulin.

It was quickly followed up by an Ardbeg, Ileach and Rosebank, commissioned by my father. My first real(sorry, dad!) commission came after my participation in a local exhibition – a Mackmyra Reserve. 



One sunny spring day I got a comment on my blog, from a man I did not know, asking if I was willing to paint on commission – the man on the other end was Pye Palm of the Swedish Whisky Federation. I ran to my father, asking for advice. Was this real and if so – what should I do? 

I ended up taking the commission, and the bottle was to be Ardbeg Lord of the Isles. The task now was to acquire the bottle – which my father helped me with. We told Pye that we could get the bottle from Bernt Sjödin – to which he replied, in panic, ”No, for heaven’s sake, he’s the one getting the painting!”

The bottle was acquired elsewhere and was posed in my father’s office. I worked hard and finished the painting in time for the deadline. The Lord of the Isles was delivered by my father to Pye Palm at Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival 2011, where the Swedish Whisky Federation held their yearly convention and in turn gave my painting to Bernt Sjödin to thank him for his work with SWF. 

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Lagavulin 25 year old

The Ileach

Ardbeg Still Young

The Rosebank

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